Alderman Sosnowski Running for State Representative

By: Alice Barr
By: Alice Barr

Republican Rockford Alderman Joe Sosnowski tells 23 News he's planning to run for Ron Wait's state representative seat in the 69th district in 2010.

Sosnowski says he became interested in running when Wait told him he would not seek another term.

Right now, Sosnowski is circulating petitions and forming a campaign organization. He says his business background and aldermanic experience prepare him for this new challenge and he wants to focus on bringing state dollars back to our area for economic develpoment.

"Our region doesn't receive the money back that I think some other areas of the state does on a percentage basis. I've seen some recent stats that say we're in the area of being number 10 as far as money received back, but when you look at our population, we're probably number three or four," says Sosnowski.

He plans to make a formal announcement about his candidacy in the next couple weeks. Representative Wait did not return our calls for comment. His former Democratic challenger Greg Tuite tells us he is not planning to run again.

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  • by Sosnowski Watch Location: Rockford on Oct 23, 2009 at 07:04 AM
    It's been months since it has been revealed that Joe Sosnowski deceived voters of Rockford and the Rockford Register Star. He has yet to appologize and step down from his position. That would be the honorable and honest thing to do. Any person that thinks and puts a Ward, City, Representative District ahead of himself or herself would have done the right thing. Shame on Joe Sosnowski for deceiving us and hiding who he really works for. Shows the type of character he is or lack of character we should say. Shame on Joe Sosnowski!
  • by Brian Location: Rockford on Oct 13, 2009 at 03:52 PM
    Joe Sosnowski not only deceived myself but also the 1st Ward of Rockford and the entire City of Rockford! After Brian Jenkins Leggero successfully got on the ballot with 294 signatures Joe Sosnowski made an announcement that he was leaving Buckley Real Estate and Development to go and work as a "Director of Institutional Advancement" (whatever that means) at Rockford Christian Schools in Rockford, Illinois. He must of realized what a conflict of interest it is for an Alderman to also work for a developer and owner of a large amount of property in the Ward in which he is Alderman. Well, Joe never really left Buckley Real Estate and he still currently holds the position he did before the election "President of Commercial Real Estate". Joe's website said he switched jobs from Buckley Real Estate to work for Rockford Christian Schools (Which is also in the Ward). When is Joe Sosnowski going to be truthful with us? For facts visit
  • by Brian Location: Rockford on Oct 6, 2009 at 09:33 AM
    I must caution people like this Amy if that's her real name from saying negative things about me like that I'm a liar. I am far from a liar. I think anyone that says such things should be posting their names annonymously because a lot of people know me here in Rockford and elsewhere. It wont really hurt me but it will hurt them because a lot of people know the type of person I am, where I've been, who raised me, what I've accomplished, the number of causes I support and give my time freely for and what family I come from. I really caution those that would say incorrect and terrible things about me because it's really only going to effect them negatively. If Joe Sosnowskis calling me a "lair" I take that as a compliment because if they are lies to him then the MUST be TRUE! I only post factual information and if you really want to defame my character then post your entire name so like an truely honorable Republican McCain said "I'll make them famous" Brian Jenkins Leggero
  • by Brian Location: Rockford on Oct 6, 2009 at 09:25 AM
    Hello Amy, Do you know that we have a 1st amendment right here in the U.S. for freedom of speech. I think you have many inaccuracies in your post and I'm going to address each of them now. All my posts are factual and accurate and they will be staying on because they are the facts about Joe Sosnowski that he doesn't want people like you to know. The results said that Joe received 80 percent of the vote and I received 20 percent. Accurate math indicates that that is 60 percent and not 80 percent. Also there are 7500 republican registered voters in the ward and Joe only got 28 percent of them to vote for him. I walked to every door in the ward and not everyone likes Joe as you may lead people on to believe. I didn't hear that Pete Scordato called me a Liar. I don't believe he did because he knows me and my family and don't believe he would say such a thing. You should be careful what you say Amy if that's your real name because alot of people will disagree with you.
  • by Amy Location: Rockford on Oct 2, 2009 at 11:09 AM
    Brian I think WIFR should take your comments down as well as any other site you post on. Also, people should know you lost to Alderman Sosnowski by 80% of the vote in the last election and clearly have been unable to move on ever since. I saw on another website a comment by Peter Scordato (the same candidate you claim here that Alderman Sosnowski did not support). Mr Scordato refuted your claims and basically called you a liar. It should be clear to everyone who reads your posts that you are simply not ever telling the truth. While I will miss Alderman Sosnowski as my Alderman, I look forward to supporting him and casting my vote for him for 69th Dist. State Rep. I have called Alderman Sosnowski several times on city issues and have always found him to be professional and responsive to my concerns. Sosnowski is exactly the type of person we need in Springfield! He is bright, honest, articulate and genuine. I look forward to voting for him again.
  • by Brian Location: Rockford on Oct 1, 2009 at 09:14 AM
    Joe Sosnowski is saying that he can help solve the deficit problems down in Springfield? That is truely laughable. Since Joe Sosnowski rolled into Rockford we have faced multi million dollar deficit after multi million dollar deficit after they were left with a budget surplus. Joe helped turn a budget surplus into an annual budget deficit. Sound familiar? I urge my fellow 69th district residents to really find out what Joe Sosnowski is really about and view his voting record. Joe is claiming once again that he brought the Lowes Distribution center to Rockford. I don't believe a word that comes out of the boys mouth he has lied to me so many times. Please be careful about signing Joe's nomination papers. If you are in the GOP, Joe doesn't even support GOP candidates all the time. Did the Winnebago Cty. Republicans support Pete Scordato? Well Joe didn't he supported Carl Wasco to get the union money and so he could put his signs in Democrat 1st Ward yards. I have facts!
  • by Brian Location: Rockford on Oct 1, 2009 at 09:08 AM
    Joe Sosnowski deceived not only myself but the 1st Ward of Rockford and the Entire City of Rockford in the last election. Once I successfully got on the ballot with 294 signatures Joe Sosnowski announced that he no longer worked for Buckley Real Estate and said that he now worked for Rockford Christian High School and "director of institutional advancement" whatever that means. After the election we found out that Joe Sosnowski never left Buckley and was even promoted from Vice President of Commercial Real Estate to President of Commercial real Estate. Joe Sosnowski didn't accurately disclose who he really worked for to the board of elections or to all of us. Now this Sosnowski character wants to be our state rep? Amazing. I urge my fellow 69th district residents to really look into the facts about this Sosnowski Character and who he really is. Joe said he was going to wait for Mr. Wait to make his decision public and then announce he was running. Here we go again!
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