Economy Rockford: Dr. Gorski Talks About Healthcare Reform Plan

In tonight's Economy Rockford report... when it comes to health care reform.. a local medical expert says the U-S should look to other wealthy nations for clues .

"I don't think anyone has figured out the magic pill to fix this thing or how to run it."

Doctor Bill Gorski says other countries' should be our models for health care reform. He says the Netherlands.. Switzerland and Germany have universal coverage, offering high quality care at a fraction of U.S. costs.

While critics argue that European nation's ration care.. Gorski says many of these countries are dealing with different issues than here in the U.S..

"Our critical success is further down the road unfortunately. I think its still figuring out how to create a system where the incentives within a system are for quantity not for quality. We know in some systems around the world. people aren't paid for quantity they are paid for quality. You do get what you pay for so if for instance the physicians assistants are reimbursed and incentivized to produce more of something whether its a procedure or what not that will happen."

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