WIFR Childhood Gifts

My favorite Christmas gift was my Empire Strikes Back Star Wars toys. My Dad would pre-assemble the toys then wrap them so they were ready for action the second I opened them on Christmas morning.

Weekday Morning and Noon Meteorologist, Aaron Wilson

I was 12 when Santa delivered a sweet ping pong table to our basement.. that remains my favorite holiday gift because for the next half a dozen years I schooled my younger brother and sister repeatedly with deft serving and vicious smashes..I ruled!

Weekday Morning Anchor, Andy Gannon

I can't remember my absolute favorite childhood holiday gift, but I got to spend last Christmas with my Dad in Boston, with the same little Christmas tree that he's probably had for decades now, but it's comforting. I got my first pair of quality cowgirl boots and I love them! I got good use out of them with all my country concerts over the summer.

Education Reporter, Lauren Kravets

Hands down, my favorite holiday gift came when I was in 4th grade. My brother and I had been begging our parents for a dog for the longest time, to no avail. To be awoken on Christmas morning by the slobbery kisses of our new dog Caesar was the biggest and best surprise I had ever experienced to that point in my life, a moment I’ll never forget! Not only was Caesar a wonderful gift, he was our best friend for the next 16 years!

Chief Meteorologist, Mark Henderson

Christmas of 1991, I received a Fisher Price Little People McDonald's Restaurant. At the age of 3, it was my dream to work at my favorite fast food restaurant, but 22 years later, I was still happy to get a job with my second dream job at 23 WIFR.

Multimedia Journalist, Mike Buda

My best childhood holiday gift would have to be a Pink Barbie Mansion my mother built for my sisters and I. Barbies were my favorite toy as a little girl, and I couldn't believe my eyes when my mother revealed the beautiful mansion to me and my older sisters on Christmas day. It was gorgeous, with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. My favorite thing about it was the real working doorbell. Not only was the house gorgeous but I knew it was filled with love, because it was no ordinary easy build toy. It took my mom 13 hours to build it from scratch! I will never forget that gift, especially since my mom still has it in our garage to this day!

Multimedia Journalist, Shannon Smith

Christmas has always been a special time in my family. However, I did find it a little strange that Santa always wanted a Diet Pepsi in place of milk. Lol. It all makes sense now. Santa must have been really tired that time of night, because he never wrapped anything. I am the middle child so my goodies were always in-between my little sister’s dolls and the oldest girl’s Ghostbusters guns. (I’m putting this in here just to make her mad.) Anyway, I think my favorite toy had to be my New Kids on the Block Jordan Knight looking Ken doll. I wasn’t allowed to have “Joey” because my sister liked him. This thing had a braid that came out of the back of his head. He didn’t do much but he looked cool. I also loved my Baby Feel So Real. The infant doll had fake bones and a soft spot on her head. I treated that toy like she was my own until my sister got mad at me and threw her down the stairs. Her inner syrup went everywhere, it was a traumatic experience and she had to buy me a new one. That’s how “Baby-alive” was born. She was cool too. RIP Baby Feels So Real. Haha. I promise I had a great childhood.

Weeknight Anchor, Whitney Martin

My best childhood holiday gift was the Nintendo 64. My sister and I were not allowed to get a gaming system while we were growing up until we were surprised by the N64. Strange as it may seem the game system (which stopped working years ago) still has a lasting impact on me. I always enjoyed hockey, but never really got into it until the game Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey came out. From then on I haven't been able to take my eyes off the rink. The N64 also gave my sister and I another common interest while we were growing up. We would often play each other in Mario Kart. I don't play video games anymore, but if anyone has a working N64 and Mario Kart, let me know and I'm there!

Sports Director, Scott Grodsky

My favorite holiday present came the only year my entire family was in town for Christmas. I was 12 years old and I had never seen so many gifts under a single tree. All my little cousins went first, taking what had seemed like hours opening their presents before I had a chance to get to mine. My favorite gift of all time was a series of boxes I opened containing three GI Joes and a massive World War II jeep for me to put them in. I loved playing with GI Joes growing up and I played with those action figures for years (even into high school; I'm not afraid to admit it). Greatest Holiday Ever!!!

Multimedia Journalist, Jorge Rodas

One of my favorite Christmas gifts came when I was a senior in high school. This may seem like a ho-hum present, but for me it was an awesome gift. I got a brand new 5 piece set of luggage. SO exciting for a 17 year old right? Well, I was thrilled because I knew this luggage was meant for my upcoming trip to Europe! When I started high school, my Grandma had promised me that my graduation gift would be a trip across Europe, and this luggage was the first step. I still have the set and use it whenever I take a trip, whether its across country or across the pond.

Multimedia Journalist, Jessica Geraci

My best childhood present is very easy to remember. It was a WWF Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy. At the time they were very popular but hard to get. My parents somehow got their hands on one. I grappled with my favorite wrestler whenever I had the chance and to this day he’s still floating around my house somewhere.

Weekend Sports Anchor, Zach James

I don't know if it was my best, but it was definitely my most memorable. My Grandma Kelly would give each of her 24 grand kids $2 every Christmas, unless she was actually spending Christmas at your house: then she would by a present. So the Christmas when I was 16 years old, Grandma Kelly would be spending Christmas at the Garrigan household. And what did she actually go out and buy for me that year? Brown "Return of the Jedi" pajamas (remember I'm a Junior in High School at this time.). She actually thought when she bought it, it was a jogging suit. (Brown Jogging Suit?). The next time she spent Christmas at our house my present was the current edition of "TV Crossword Puzzles" magazine. And, yes, she cut off the price on the top corner of the cover.

Weeknight Anchor, Mike Garrigan

I was huge into Barbies as a kid, and one year I begged for a certain one (I don't even remember what it was anymore), but I remember being so excited opening it up on Christmas morning!

Crime and Courts Reporter, Marissa Sherer

Multimedia Journalist, Raquel Moore
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