Two Traffic Lights Proposed on Perryville Road

By: Faran Fronczak, Jessica Geraci
By: Faran Fronczak, Jessica Geraci

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With business picking up near Perryville and Riverside... so is traffic. It's common to find drivers stuck waiting to turn onto Perryville road during rush hour. Since there aren't traffic lights there now, drivers tend to speed leaving many nervous they're going to get hit.

That's why the City of Loves Park wants to put traffic lights on Perryville at Nimtz and Broadcast Parkway. City leaders tell us they've received a lot of requests to do this so drivers could turn more safely, and also reduce congestion. The Winnebago County Highway Department says this would cost $900,000. Effected businesses have until the first week of July to file a complaint.

"There comes a point where the road becomes so congested that trying to make turning moves become dangerous. And we can't have that, so the comments we've had that are negative have been very minimal," says Dan Jacobson, Director of Public Works and Development for Loves Park.

In order for the traffic lights not to be installed, 51% of the business owners in that area would have to file a complaint.

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  • by Andrew Location: Roscoe on Jun 2, 2012 at 09:22 PM
    Perryville is the last pleasant place to drive! There are long straightaways that make it so you can get places quickly and easily. Now, they will add stoop lights galore, turning the last pleasant place to drive into another terrible place to sit and wait. Instead of spending $900,000 to put in stoplights and running them 25/7, why not add a merge lane? I mean, do people really need to turn left during rush hour, god forbid you go to the nearest stoplight that's already there!
  • by Bob Location: Rockford on Jun 1, 2012 at 10:13 PM
    I agree....whoever is in charge of sequencing the lights in this town needs to really be !!@@#$%&*(!!! brought into question!! Nothing but stop start stop start stop...start EVERYWHERE YOU GO!! Most inefficient lighting system I have ever seen in my entire life all except for the One way system downtown which was actually installed by a generation that knew what they were doing!! Then there are All these left turn arrows that never used to be there and still don't really need to be there at all!! Hello I'm not blind!!...I think I can turn left when it's clear to do so and not have to wait 3 mins just to turn left!! And then there are those Lights that seem to intentionally slow you down even though there is no one waiting on the other side of the intersection!! Like going South On Forrest Hills Road!! That Stupid Windsor Road Light ALWAYS CHANGES For No Good Reason At All!! People speed down 251 north all the time so they don't get stuck behind every single stupid Light!! Frankly I don't blame them!! It's terrible!! It's like Rockford's lights and streets are designed to cause the most wear and tare to your car as possible!! "Red Light Rockford" is I call it!! The town of sequenced Red lights!! Take a Hint Road Engineers!! Drivers are Ticked OFF!! Oh and why can't Rockford Black-Top Actually do a decent job on any road they fix!! Nice that you leave these big gaping holes where the manhole covers are on roads like State Street around the Rockford Ave area! And for gosh sakes FIX 11th and 20th street Already!! SERIOUSLY!! I swear it's the same concrete that's been there since the 80s!! You can't even drive down those streets without damaging your suspension!
  • by Roady Location: Loves Park on Jun 1, 2012 at 02:03 PM
    This would be a terrible waste of lots of tax payer dollars. Certainly the County has higher capital improvement priorities than this to spend their limited resources on. Has anyone done a traffic study? Traffic signals are usually a last resort when accident rates and traffic volumes reach a certain level. A few complaints are insufficient justification for the expenditure of nearly a million dollars, increased NOx emissions, and further inconvenience to the motoring public.
  • by Realistic1 Location: Rockford on Jun 1, 2012 at 01:31 PM
    Our fine city has done away with adequate light fixtures...anyone notice how dark the intersections are now?..anyone notice how difficult it is to see/to follow the roads without proper lighting and proper lane lines to follow? ALSO: anyone notice how the shoulders of roads seem to be a smoother ride than the streets themselves?
  • by Kitty Location: Rockford on Jun 1, 2012 at 07:51 AM
    ARE YOU SERIOUS?? You can barely get away from one stop light on Perryville before you have to stop at the next light. Perryville was built as an option for driving around the city as a faster option. I drive Perryville from East Riverside to Harrison several times weekly and I get SO frustrated at just getting up to 45 MPH and having to stop at the next light. There are SO MANY drivers who run these lights because they don't want to stop at EVERY intersection. If these drivers north of Riverside don't know how to cross Perryville safely, then find another option of getting around. Most driver have never been taught to go across half way and then the rest of the way when traffic is clear. Just because THEY don't know how to drive, the rest of us have to waste gas starting and stopping at all these stop lights. My brother visiting from Cali calls Rockford the City of Lights, we have so many!! The City felt it was economical to turn off street lights and putting citizens at risk but have NO problem having ALL citizens waste money on gas by all the stopping and starting we have to do on ALL our streets--not just Perryville. When is someone with common sense going to start making decisions in this community?
  • by Scott Location: here on Jun 1, 2012 at 07:43 AM
    The correct word is 'Affected' in the second paragraph.
  • by Larry on Jun 1, 2012 at 06:32 AM
    Just what this city needs, more traffic lights. It takes forever to get across town now!
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