Releases List of 2013 Gas Prices Facts

By: has released the following list of interesting facts for gas prices in 2013.

1. The national average for 2013 came to $3.491 gal. This is 13.5cts gal lower than 2012’s national average of $3.626 gal and 3.7cts gal lower than 2011’s national average of $3.528 gal.

2. Regular gasoline started at $3.271 gal on January 1, 2013 and ended the year on December 31, 2013 up 3.3cts gal from that at $3.304 gal.

3. March had the highest monthly average for 2013 at $3.664 gal. In 2012, April had the highest monthly average of that year at $3.890 gal, while May had the title for 2011 at $3.907 gal.

4. Consumers had to wait until November to see the lowest monthly average of 2013 at $3.237 gal. They had to wait until December in 2012 to see the lowest monthly average back then at $3.30 gal. However, 2011 kicked off its year with its lowest month; January 2011 averaged just $3.095 gal.

5. The highest daily average of 2013 occurred on February 26, at $3.740 gal. That’s 12cts lower than 2012’s highest average of $3.969 gal on April 5 of that year. In 2011, the highest daily average of the year was $3.985 gal, 25cts higher than 2013’s high.

6. The lowest daily average of 2013 occurred on November 11, at $3.195 gal. Back in 2012, the lowest day of the year was on December 20, when it averaged $3.219 gal or 2cts higher than 2013’s low. In 2011, the lowest day of the year came early on January 3, when the national average was just $3.072 gal.

7. The largest daily increase of 2013 happened on November 21, when the average jumped up 8cts over November 20’s average of $3.219 gal. This day-to-day increase is the largest in 3 years; 2012 saw a 4.9ct gal increase from August 28 ($3.756 gal) to August 29 ($3.804 gal.) 2011 had a 5.9ct gal increase from February 24 ($3.228 gal) to February 25 ($3.287 gal.)

8. The largest daily decrease of 2013 happened the day after the biggest daily increase; on November 22, the average decreased 4.8cts gal over November 21’s average of $3.299 gal. This day-to-day increase is almost double that of 2012’s largest daily decrease; on October 25, 2012, the average decreased to $3.599 gal or 2.6cts from the previous day.

9. There were 244 days in 2013 when the daily average decreased from the previous day. This is the most days where the average decreased since 2003, when 262 days saw daily decreases.

10. July 17, 2013 had the biggest increase in average from the same day last year, up 27.3cts gal from July 17, 2012. On October 11, 2013, the country saw the biggest decrease in average from the same day last year, down 44.3cts gal from October 11, 2012.

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