Adult Video Game Addiction

By: Tina Stein
By: Tina Stein

We know technology has gotten good when we can bowl a strike without ever leaving our home. That's why Richard Bruyere loves his collection of video game systems and slew of life-like games.

"You actually believe you're in the game in some of these games you could actually get so engrossed in what you're dong you feel like you're there or you're that character," Bruyere says.

Especially when we can build a character with our own features. Such intricate details are making the gamers population more appealing not so much for kids, but for adults. Game experts says today's gamer is between the ages of 25 and 40 and they're becoming more addicted than every before.

"I would say it's definitely becoming a problem," says Dr. Frederick McNelly.

McNelly works with patients who have addictive personalities. And says he's seeing tons of adult patients obsessed with video games. Just like any alcoholic or drug abuser, he says we'll notice poor performance at work. But with video games, the problems seep deeply into the home.

"They'll disappear into the computer room and ignore that partner and not participate in that relationship or follow through with responsibilities that are considered normal," McNelly says.

Causing more sessions in marriage counseling. But the Bruyere's say their marriage is just fine and often play video games together. In fact. they've spent 3-thousand dollars this year alone on video game equipment. A good investment, Bruyere says since his kids can play along, in moderation of course.

"We have good discipline about the games and time limits so there's boundaries and the kids know the boundaries really and they abide by them," says mother Gloria Bruyere.

Since video game addiction is fairly new to psychiatrists, some predict the problem will snowball into an even larger issue in years to come.

"We're probably looking at a greater problem for the population of adults later who are kids now while the present prevalent activity for kids is playing internet video games," McNelly says.

McNelly says if one is playing games at inappropriate times, they need to include game playing into their schedules. And if its' your loved-one going overboard, don't cut them from the controller, just speak up. Or else what's becoming an epidemic says McNelly, will become a drain on society in future generations.

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