Alan Beaman Appeals Murder Conviction

By: Narina Crain
By: Narina Crain

For eleven years Alan Beaman has been serving time for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lockmiller.

Beaman will tell you, "I did not commit the crime."

Receipt records and his parent's recollections of the day of the murder could prove he's telling the truth.
"There's no way he could have made it to Bloomington by noon. It's a 2 hour and 15 minute drive," said Carol Beaman, Alan's mother.

Investigators believe Jennifer Lockmiller was killed in her apartment when she returned from class at noon on august 25th, 1993. Records show Beaman made a deposit at what was then Bell Federal savings and Loan at Colonial Village Mall In Rockford at 10:11am. That's one hour and 50 minutes before Lockmiller was murdered in Bloomington.
"The phone records show there was a phone call made from our house at 10:37am and another at 10:39am," said Carol Beaman.

The two calls were to Alan's friend from church. He would have to drive at least 105 miles per hour the whole trip to Bloomington to get there by noon if he made those phone calls. Alan's father, Barry was at work at the time.
"I kept a log of my activities and that was entered into evidence."

Prosecutors argued Alan's mother could have made the calls from their home. Carol says she was on the other side of Rockford with her mother at Independence Village at the time.

"Records show I dropped her off at 10am. There's no record when I left Independence Village, because there's no sign out sheet."

Receipts show Carol checked out several Items at the Wal-Mart across the street at 11:10am. She says she would not have gone home in between stops. Prosecutors claimed Carol did go home and she was the one who made the phone calls to Alan's friend. If they're right, Carol says Alan still couldn't have made it home from the murder scene by the time she returned.

"I left Auburn Street Gray's food at 2:03pm, which would have put me home at 2:16pm. So while I didn't see Alan at the time, I saw his car, I saw his bedroom door closed."

The prosecution had physical evidence against Alan. His parents say crime scene investigators found three of Alan Beaman's finger prints on the murder weapon, an alarm clock.
"He lived with her for several months during the time they were together," said Barry Beaman.

The Beamans say investigators also found fingerprints from Lockmiller's current boyfriend on the alarm clock and another fingerprint that was never identified. But it was Alan who was convicted of the murder.

"I didn't expect that. I thought for sure that the jury was going to be able to see through it," said Alan.

23 News contacted the prosecutor on this case. Mark Messman refused to discuss any evidence against Beaman because they're in the middle of the appeals process. He said he's confident Beaman is guilty because 12 jurors unanimously reached that verdict, and since then every judge has upheld their conviction. Jennifer Lockmiller's parents did not want to comment.

Tune into 23 News at five on Friday to see an exclusive interview with Alan Beaman.

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