PhotoBlocker Spray Paint Has Authorities Skeptical, But Consumers Buying

By: Brad Broders
By: Brad Broders

With just a few sprays, you get off scot-free. That's the promise of PhotoBlocker spray paint, a product used to disguise license plates. The company claims motorists can drive through red light or construction cameras and be safe from fines. However, Illinois State Police officers say the paint isn't only illegal, it doesn't work.

"We found through testing with I-Pass violations in the past that we can still read the letters and numerals on the license plates when we review photographs," Sergeant Jim Jenkner said.

However, an estimated half a million people in 23 countries believe the spray paint is legitimate because they're still buying it. PhotoBlocker could be in demand this year, as construction crews revamp Illinois' toll booth stations, and install these camera trucks to catch speeders blazing by. At the Belvidere Oasis, opinion is divided.

"It's wrong. It's cheating. I'm paying for the I-Pass use. I guess if they're going to catch people doing it, the city, county and state has the right to catch em," Joe Prestigiacomo said.

"It's technology trying to outpace each other; it's a little shady but if people do it that's fine. I don't really have a problem with it," Covey said.

However, Sergeant Jenkner says while drivers are still able to buy the paint online, he argues that $30 dollars could cost you a lot more if and when you are caught in the act.

"Not only do you face confiscation of your license plate and any covers that hinder it, you face up to a $1000 fine," Jenkner said.

New ways to catch speeders, creating new products which attempt to get off undetected.

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