Where Keyes and Obama Stand on the Issues

-Keyes: Opposes abortion in all cases except as an unintended consequence of saving the mother's life.
-Obama: Supports right to abortion as defined in Roe v. Wade.

-Keyes: Would eliminate many taxes and fees on small businesses to stimulate job growth; believes better trade agreements and limits on lawsuit awards to lower insurance premiums would keep more jobs in the United States.

-Obama: Supports ending tax breaks for companies that transfer jobs overseas and using tax breaks to encourage job creation here; wants better enforcement of trade agreements to give U.S. companies an even playing field.

-Keyes: Favors vouchers and other programs that allow federal money to go to private schools that parents choose; promotes home schooling; opposes federal laws that supersede local control, including No Child Left Behind.

-Obama: Opposes vouchers for private schools; would establish national training academies to recruit teachers for high-need schools; believes federal government should fully fund No Child Left Behind.

-Keyes: Opposes gay marriage and civil unions; supports an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and federal legislation defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

-Obama: Opposes gay marriage but supports civil unions; opposes constitutional amendment and federal legislation defining marriage.

-Keyes: Opposes most restrictions on gun ownership by citizens not convicted of any crime; opposes assault weapons ban.

-Obama: Backs gun control laws including restricting gun-show purchases and requiring gun locks; supports assault weapons ban.

-Keyes: Supports caps on awards in medical malpractice lawsuits; supports importation of cheaper prescription drugs from other countries; proposes tax-deductible medical savings accounts; calls for improving health through better diet and exercise.

-Obama: Opposes caps on awards in malpractice lawsuits; supports importation of cheaper prescription drugs; proposes expanding existing government health programs and offering tax credits to small businesses that provide insurance for employees.

-Keyes: Supported President Bush's decision to go to war; believes war was necessary to thwart international terrorism.

-Obama: Opposed President Bush's decision to go to war; believes war diverted resources from fighting international terrorists.

-Keyes: Supports privatizing Social Security by allowing workers to divert payroll taxes to private investment accounts but says eliminating income tax would make the issue moot.

-Obama: Would encourage saving for retirement by offering tax credits to those earning up to $50,000.

-Keyes: Supported Bush tax cuts; would repeal the federal income tax and replace it with a national sales tax.

-Obama: Supports repealing tax cuts that benefit the wealthy; opposes raising taxes on anyone making less than $200,000.

-Keyes: Supports tariffs on imported goods from low-wage countries; supports bilateral trade agreements rather than those involving multiple countries, like NAFTA; believes the World Trade Organization undermines U.S. ability to negotiate trade deals in the country's best interest.

-Obama: Believes tariffs could cause other countries to impose restrictions on U.S. goods, hurting manufacturers; wants NAFTA renegotiated to include worker and environmental protections; believes the World Trade Organization helps bring about fair deals that protect workers worldwide.

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