Update: "Baby Noah" Likely Born Alive

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR)-- We're starting to learn more about an infant found dead inside a Roscoe recycling plant. The Winnebago county coroner says the baby was likely born alive.

“It is just so senseless and so hard for any of us to wrap our heads around the fact that someone carried a child for nine months and threw it away like a piece of trash."

Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia took imprints of “Baby Noah's” hands and feet. She set them aside to one day give the images to his relatives, people who currently have no idea they're linked to the tragedy.

“ They may be watching this news story saying how tragic how tragic and they don't know that it's related to them" say Fiduccia

The Winnebago County Sherriff's Department is working tirelessly on the case. Detectives are starting to track mail found next to “Baby Noah” on a conveyer belt at the Total Waste Recycling plant in Roscoe. Investigators believe the child was dumped at the site about a day before he was found.

“We are hoping that we get a phone call from somebody that has suspicions or knows something” says Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro.
“.. It would be very unlikely that the mother or father of this child are the only ones who know what took place.” He said

Fiduccia says she normally wraps babies in blankets to show the child dignity after death. She tells us she subconsciously chose a Noah’s ark themed quilt days after baby Noah was named.

“It's very fitting" she said

Members of the community have donated several items to bury with the infant. Fiduccia says although his true identity is unknown, “Baby Noah” has become a name linked to a challenging and devastating investigation.

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