Youth Division of 73rd Young Artist Show Opens

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Hundreds of local students get a new place to show off their art work besides the refrigerator door.

The youth division of the 73rd Young Artist Show opened Sunday at the Rockford Art Museum. Plenty of proud parents toured the gallery with their aspiring artists. There’s around 450 pieces of art on display created by Stateline student, ranging from kindergarten kids to 8th graders. They come from public and private schools in Stateline as well as homeschooled students. The pieces range from hand drawings to 3D sculptures.

"Just seeing different items out of a refrigerator tank and I love peacocks so I just came up with the idea of making a peacock," says Brianna Prestegaard, an 8th grader at Holy Family School in Rockford.

"I’m kind of surprised they chose me; there are a lot of good artists at my school. I’m really happy; I just want to thank my school for that," says 6th grade student Jack Holmstrom from Marshall Middle School.

Recognition awards were handed out for some of the best work at each grade level. The show runs until May 18th.

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