UPDATE: Man Fighting Rockford City Hall Over Yard Sign

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – UPDATE: Earlier this week we shared with you the exclusive story of a Rockford man who was told by the city to take down his yard sign or face fines of up to $750.

In case you missed it this is the sign in question advertising Ray Smith's computer repair shop that he runs out of his basement.

Along with the threat of fines, Smith was given a letter requiring him to show up at a hearing on Thursday in the city council chambers.

We tagged along as the city dismissed the charges on Smith because so far he has complied by taking down his sign. But that doesn't mean he's stopping the fight to be allowed to put it back up.

"Oh no, I'm not giving up at all. I have all the time on my hands. I told you, I'm unemployed. I'm trying to start up this business. To get more clients. So when I'm not working on computers,I'm going to be working to get the city to look at the ordinances so everyone can understand them and agree with the wording that what it says is what it means. Because at this point, what I said is what I did and I guess that's not what it means," Smith said.

Even though there are at least a dozen similar signs within a couple miles of Smith's home that remain up. The city said Smith's sign must come down because it was a neighbor's complaint that triggered the investigation.

A Rockford man says he’s ready to fight city hall over a yard sign that he’s been warned, if it doesn’t come down, he could be fined up to $750 a day.

Ray Smith runs a computer repair business in the basement of his Highcrest Road home. Two years ago, Smith put a sign out in his yard to advertise that fact, but after being up for 10 months the City of Rockford said it had to come down because it violated city ordinances.

After researching the codes, Smith put up a new sign last month that he though was in compliance with the regulation. Instead, he got a letter saying if this new sign doesn’t come down, he would face significant fines.
"Why they wouldn't want me to have income coming in to pay my taxes and to pay anything else. I just don't understand,” said Ray Smith.

Tonight at 10, we’ll tell you why the City says Smith’s yard sign is in violation and why about a dozen similar signs, all displayed within a mile of Smith’s home, are still up.

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