Working In the Heat

STATELINE (WIFR) – Many of us are lucky to be working in air conditioning during warm days like today, but others are forced to work in the heat.
The sweltering heat is making it difficult to punch in on this hot summer day as workers like Ross Ticknor search for shade and water to make it through their shift.

“It’s hot, really hot, you get thirsty and see through your clothes,” said Ticknor.

Empty water bottles and tents now sit near their work zone. It’s a similar sight across the stateline, where passengers on Rockford’s trolley car use pamphlets as fans, waiting for the bell to signal a slight breeze.

“We had some cancellations because of the heat but we take one day at a time.”

The ringing at the city’s west-state fire station is a sign of an emergency as responders battle the heat in and out of their uniform.

“Before we leave the station, we are already sweating in our gear and if exposed to high temperatures the sweat will turn to steam and we will get steam burns around your neck and ears.”

Our very own Whitney Martin had a chance to test things out and she says, she couldn’t take the heat.

Crews have 60-seconds, just a minute, to put on 50-60 pounds of gear before hopping in the truck. Whitney says she started sweating with just the first layer.

“Just standing here, not walking or moving, I’m sweating. Fire fighters compare this to a wool blanket and that’s what it feels like.

The shopping cart pushers t target are working a later shift, when the sun’s not as strong.
Believe it or not, some who work inside without air conditioning are stepping outside for cooler air, including a downtown factory worker who is breaking a sweat during his eight hour shift near a hot dryer.

As kids use spray pads to cool off, 16-year-old Dwayne Bake is using his grandma’s fans to beat the heat. His family has already gone a full day without air conditions and is waiting on crews to repair the unit.

It’s weather people across the Stateline are trying to cope with as the heat advisory lasts yet another day.

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