Woods Equipment Company Continues to Grow

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OREGON (WIFR) -- Woods Equipment Company in Oregon has seen a lot of growth over the last six- plus decades and now the Stateline manufacturer is adding more jobs.

A national grassroots effort to support American manufacturing companies and job creation in the Unites States, kicked off at Woods today. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, 16th District representative, took part in the I Make America tour. He toured Woods' 400-thousand square-foot facility, that makes attachment parts for tractors. Kinzinger along with employees, signed their support for I Make America.

"When you have things made in the United States you're sourcing the products from American companies, people are making them there. You have folks assembling the products here in the United States and American money is now spent on American products and it creates a huge recycling effect of dollars and it's very good for an economy," said Kinzinger.

The campaign is traveling to about 25 other sites nationwide, with a Harley motorcycle. When you sign up to support the effort, you enter
for a chance to win the motorcycle. A winner will be chosen in November. You can sign up online through the attached I Make America link.

More than 300 people keep busy at Woods Equipment. Randy Warnken has worked at the company for about 26 years.

"I just love my job, I love the people I work with and I love what I'm doing."

Others share that positive attitude with the growth of Woods.

"Our business is up significantly over a year ago, despite winter still hanging on," said Jerry Johnson, president of the Frag Division at Woods Equipment Company.

Woods has been in business since 1946 and business is good. The company hired 19 new people last year and is now looking for 23 additional workers. Woods had a strong pre-season order period last year but the company attributes its long-term success to employees.

"Everybody can buy technology, equipment, systems, that's not an advantage, everybody has access to that. But the team that has the best people that knows how to best utilize those tools, is going to win," said Johnson.

"That makes me feel good, that they think we're doing a good job," said Warnken.

Woods Equipment Company will be able to keep the momentum going with nearly two dozen new hires. The job openings range from $15 to $25 dollars/hour. Click the attached link for details on the open positions at Woods.

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