Woman Reunited with Late Husbands Bracelet

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) – A Poplar Grove woman is reunited with a bracelet she gave to her late husband 70 years ago, after a complete stranger found it in his home.

For some, an old bracelet is just another piece of jewelry, but for 93-year-old Margaret Tonkovic, it’s a piece of her heart.
She gave it to her late husband Paul, 70 years ago, right before World War II.

“Always remember me, wear the bracelet, and make sure that you remember me by it.”
Tonkovic hasn’t seen the chain in more than three decades.

In fact, it ended up in the hands of a stranger, army veteran and Sergeant Edvin Edwards who knew exactly what it meant when he found the bracelet while cleaning his basement.

“When I looked at it, I was amazed, for something to survive 70 years, it gave me goosebumps, the hairs on my arms stood on end, it’s just amazing. The joy that I bring her, it’s priceless, I can’t explain to you how that feels.”

Tonkpvic’s husband Paul survived the war, but lost his battle to cancer in 1983. Margaret says that’s when she lost a part of herself, until now.
“I feel like he’s right here on my arm, not his body, but part of him and that to me makes me a very happy, happy person.”
Margaret says while the chain will sit on her wrist, it will always be held close to her heart.

Edwards says he’s not sure how the bracelet ended up in his home in Rockford, especially since Margaret and her husband lived in Chicago.

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