Woman Held At Gunpoint During Armed Robbery to South Beloit Bar

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Local police are searching for the man they say robbed a local bar at gun-point, forcing a woman to the ground while he cleaned out the business register. Tonight we’re hearing from the victim involved.

The victim, Amy Camp says she thought something was odd when the suspect reversed his car into the parking spot. Camp said the next thing she knew she saw the man walking in with a gun. He told Camp to get on the ground and point to the safe.

This all happened at J.J. Still in South Beloit. Camp was sitting in a chair when she says a black man in his twenties or thirties came in with a gun. Camp says he demanded her to show him the safe and repeated several times not to look at him. Camp says she was the only one in the bar at the time and the suspect left with several thousand dollars from the safe. Camp says as soon as she felt it was safe to pick up the phone, she called police.

“He was very soft spoken, almost creepy nice. Just saying, ‘Just don’t look at me okay? Just don’t look at me,” Camp said.

“She just said I have been robbed at gunpoint, I really need you right now. So I said I am on my way. I got into my car and they won’t let me cross the police line. They won’t let me give her a hug. They won’t let me do anything, but I understand,” said Angie Zimney, Camp’s sister.

Camp says she’s never seen the man who held her at gunpoint before. Bar employees say there was surveillance footage, however it doesn’t have a clear shot of the suspect’s face.

Sheriff’s Deputies are still trying to find the suspect. Based on the surveillance footage, they say he was driving a grey or silver Ford Crown Victoria, however they say the license plate was covered in snow.

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