Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Conducting Planned Burns on Public Lands

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FITCHBURG, WI (WIFR) -- The Department of Natural Resources will be conducting burns on public lands this spring in south central Wisconsin. All planned burns are weather dependent. Crews may or may not complete all planned burns in a season.

Controlled or prescribed burning is an ecological and economical method of limiting exotic and unwanted brush invasions that crowd out native vegetation and also:

• Stimulates prairie grass growth and improves habitat for upland game and waterfowl;
• creates pockets of open water for waterfowl amidst cattails proliferating in low areas;
• improves habitat for upland nesting birds, such as pheasants, and spurs native vegetative growth favored by songbirds; and
• helps preserve woodlands, grasslands and native plant species that were sustained by natural fires prior to intensive European settlement.

DNR biologists will start their spring burning schedule as weather permits. Typically, the spring burning season begins in April and extends into mid-May but local weather conditions can lead to an earlier start or a later finish to burning efforts. Burns not completed this spring may be done next fall or winter. State Wildlife Areas (WA), Public Hunting Grounds (PHG), State Fisheries Areas (FA), State Parks (SP), State Natural Areas (SNA), Glacial Habitat Restoration Area (GHRA), Lower Wisconsin State Riverway (LWSR) and Extensive Wildlife Habitat Program (EWHP) lands scheduled for burns in south central Wisconsin are located in:
Columbia County: Schumacher’s GHRA; Green GHRA; Link GHRA; Rocky Run Oak Savanna SNA; Poynette Game Farm; MacKenzie Center; Mud Lake WA Pine Island WA; Grassy Lake WA; Duck Creek WA; Dekorra EWHP; Columbus EWHP; French Creek WA; Paradise Marsh WA

Rock County: Kessler Railroad Prairie SNA; Rock River Prairie SNA; Swenson Wet Prairie SNA; Avon Bottoms WA; Babbs EWHA; Evansville WA; Allen Creek SBPA Footville PHG

Green County: New Glarus Woods SP; Browntown Oak Forest SNA; York Prairie SNA; Albany WA; Liberty Creek WA; Brooklyn WA

Walworth County: Kettle Moraine Oak Opening SNA; Young Prairie SNA; Messinger Dry Prairie & Savanna Preserve SNA; Bluff Creek SNA; Clover Valley Fen SNA; Lulu Lake SNA; Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern UnitTurtle Creek WA; Turtle Valley WA; Bloomfield WA; Ivanhoe Statewide Habitat; Lyons WA –Clover Valley WA; Troy WA; Sharon Scattered Wetlands

Crawford County: Curtis LWSR; Paul Brandt School Forest

Dane County: Badger State Trail; Lake Kegonsa SP; Mazomanie Unit LWSR Gnewuch property SWGSCAHRA; Lodi Marsh SNA; Mazomanie Oak Barrens SNA; Olson Oak Woods SNA; Sugar River Wetlands SNA; Anthony Branch FA; Badfish WA; Cherokee Marsh PA; Deansville WA; Gadwall EWHP; Goose Lake WA; Hook Lake WA; Nevin Hatchery WA&FA; Patrick’s Marsh EWHP; Cross Plains Ice Age Reserve Unit; Governor Nelson SP; Montrose Ice Age Trail; Blue Mound SP; Brooklyn WA; DNR Service Center – Fitchburg

Dodge County: Neuman-Selk GHRA; Buwalda (S) GHRA Hamre (N) GHRA; DeVries Woodlot GHRA; Rabata GHRA; Schulz GHRA; Westford GHRA; Aylesworth GHRA; Brian Wright GHRA Shaw Marsh WA; Horicon Marsh WA; Mud Lake WA; Sinnissippi WA; Theresa Marsh WA

Grant County: Blue River Bluffs SNA; Cassville Bluffs SNA; Dewey Heights SNA; Gasner Hollow SNA; Semrad Slough LWSR; Baxter Farmstead West LWSR; Munz Lane West Field LWSR; Wyalusing/Meng LWSR; Fishtrap LWSR; Wyalusing SP

Fond du Lac: O'Leary GHRA; Pea GHRA; Buwalda GHRA; Hull GHRA; Rens GHRA; Stoppleworth GHRA; Panzer GHRA; Marks GHRA; Steele GHRA; Steele GHRA; Van Egtern GHRA; Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit

Iowa County: Blackhawk Lake WA; Arena Unit LWSR Avoca Unit LWSR; Helena Unit LWSR Otter Creek Unit LWSR Avoca Prairie SNA; Pecatonica River Woods SNA; Governor Dodge SP; Blue Mound SP

Jefferson County: Kettle Moraine Oak Opening SNA; Young Prairie SNA Messinger Dry Prairie & Savanna Preserve SNA Waterloo WA; Lake Mills WA; Jefferson Marsh WA; Rome Pond WA Prince’s Point WA

Kenosha County: Richard Bong State Recreation Area; Chiwaukee Prairie SNA; New Munster WA; Silver Lake FH

Lafayette County: Yellowstone Lake SP; Yellowstone WA; Belmont Prairie SNA; Hardscrabble Prairie SNA; Ipswich Prairie SNA

Ozaukee County: Harrington Beach SP
Racine County: Tichigan WA; Honey Creek WA; Karcher SNA; Dover Waterfowl Refuge; Hoosier Creek Habitat Area; Eagle Lake FH

Richland County: Smith Slough/Cruzin Slough SNA; Elk Creek FA; Willow Creek FA; Lone Rock Unit LWSR

Sauk County: East Bluff SNA; Ferry Bluff SNA; Mirror Lake Pine Oak Forest SNA; Parfrey's Glen SNA; Sauk Prairie Recreation Area; Dell Creek WA; White Mound County Park

Sheboygan County: Adell WA; Gerber Lake WA; Hau EWHP; Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit; Maywood Environmental Center (City of Sheboygan); Nichols Creek WA; Onion River Stream Bank Protection Area; Sheboygan Marsh WA

Washington County: Theresa Marsh WA; Jackson Marsh WA; Allenton Marsh WA; KettleMoraine State Forest- Pike Lake Unit; Kettle Moraine State Forest- Loew Lake Unit

Waukesha County: Lapham Peak Unit KMSF; Messinger Dry Prairie & Savanna Preserve SNA; Genessee Oak Opening SNA; Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit; Big Muskego Lake WA; Nagawicka Statewide Habitat; Paradise Valley WA; Vernon WA

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