Winter Weather Tough on Rockford Roads; Improvements Coming

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The dangerously cold temperatures are destroying our roads, causing a whole lot of bumps and potholes across the Stateline.

The City of Rockford is making plans to mend broken pavement to give drivers a break.

Driving on Auburn Street near Kilburn Avenue is a bit bumpy to say the least.

“One hole to the next hole, if you go up the street, you still run into another hole. It’s ridiculous the streets really need to be fixed.”
Rickey Martin works at Everything Automotive. He says he hears complaints of cars being damaged from the rough roads, he even so one today.

“Tire fell off the whole car, he hit a pothole or the car jumped in the hole.

Once it warms up, street crews will fix the potholes and much more.

The city plans to fix up the stretch of road from the Kilburn area east to Rockford.

“The surface in the asphalt where it’s peeling up, we’ll fix that, smooth it out and put a new layer of asphalt down to make it ride right again,” said city engineer Matthew Vitner.

The city will also target retail access drives like Bienterra, Troy, and Mill Road on the Northeastside, but that’s not all.

“We’ll look for those troubled spots as the weather starts to break and we’ll try to hit those in our first round of contract lettings.”

The city will also work on the Harrison Avenue Bridge to fix crumbling sidewalks and broken rails and the state will be resurfacing a major stretch of East State Street from Fairview to Mid America Drive, just west of Perryville.

Drivers may also notice those ripples or bumps in the road. They’re caused by frost that gets in the ground and pushed the pavement up. Once it gets warmer and that frost leaves the ground, those bumps should smooth out.

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