Winnebago Students Caught with Questionable Cookies

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WINNEBAGO (WIFR) -- An unsettling story out of the Village of Winnebago, several middle school students have been suspended after they allegedly brought cookies baked with marijuana to sell at school.

Winnebago Police say they've talked to several students, parents and school staff about the incident but investigators still have to figure out just what was in those cookies. The police chief says he got a call Wednesday afternoon from the middle school principal about students selling questionable cookies to classmates. It has not been confirmed yet if the treats did in fact contain marijuana. The chief says they don't have the right equipment to test cookies for cannabis but he hopes to get help from another department. Some parents heard about this from their kids and say the incident might be a good teaching moment.

"I feel like this could happen anywhere, Rockford, Winnebago, Pecatonica; we just need to teach out kids what’s right and what’s wrong and be aware of what they’re doing, Facebook and text messaging and everything else," says parent Bekki Neal.

"I was shocked to hear that from my granddaughter. I just picked her up at the school and she came right out and told me this and I said ‘Oh no, it’s hitting Winnebago’ and it’s a bad scene," says Craig O’Neil who has a granddaughter in 7th grade in Winnebago.

Superintendent Doctor Dennis Harezlak won't say how many kids are involved or what grade they're in. The Winnebago School District has a zero tolerance policy for drugs. Dr. Harezelak says it's routine to suspend kids if there's an investigation about drugs. There will be a hearing in 10 school days about this incident where the students could be expelled from the middle school.

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