Winnebago High School Students Build Robot

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WINNEBAGO (WIFR) -- Winnebago High School students showcased their hand-built robot to family and friends, while working out some of the glitches.

It's all part of a national robotics competition for high school students. Thirty-four students joined together for six long weeks to build their very own robot. It that will compete against other students' designs across the country. Today the group presented their crafty device to friends and family, but discovered some kinks still needed to be worked out. The competition is next month in Milwaukee, WI. The team hopes to make it to nationals that will take place in Saint Louis, MO.

"It's very hectic, very scary. You have deadlines you have to meet. You have to make sure you have everything built in time so that your programmers can start programming the robot. You need to make sure all your awards are submitted. Six weeks seems like a long time, but not to built a robot," says Winnovation member Kayla Smith.

Students say it cost about $40,000 to build the robot, and enter in all the competitions. Students say the money is raised through local fundraisers and grants.

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