Winnebago County Board Welcomes New Member and New Budget

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- A new budget and new member were welcomed by the Winnebago County Board Thursday night. Filling a vacant seat wasn't the only task for the Winnebago County Board, as they approved a nearly $183 million budget for next year.

Due to the new budget the county is only asking for a dollar less from taxpayers than last year. While there are no police hires included in the budget County officials say they hope to change that during the year. The controversial issue of concealed carry was also on the agenda as chairman Scott Christiansen says the issue isn't over just yet.

“There’s so much going on in Springfield through courts and litigation, so forth. Several different versions of a resolution have been talked about, so let's just put it in a three man hearing committee so they'll take some more testimony, see what the community has to say and we'll go from there," said Christiansen.

The board finally filled the seat left by State Representative John Cabello, with Joe Terrell as was sworn in and will join Kay Mullins as representative for District 8. Terrell will only hold that position until December when the make-up of the county board changes. Due to redistricting 8 County Board seats will be cut. The seat now being held by Terrell is one of the positions eliminated.

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