Winnebago County Administrators Considering Options to Fix Budget Deficit

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – Winnebago County Administrators may not be hiring new employees any time soon, in hopes of fixing a $2.5 million budget deficit.

Administrators are considering a hiring freeze, meaning if workers retire or quit, the county wouldn’t hire anyone to replace them. This would mean that employees in certain departments would need to take on more work.

Administrators say this would save the county money from paying employees’ salaries and insurance costs. Another option is to reduce spending in other areas.

“Sure it’ll put a certain amount of stress on those departments but we’ve been under stress here at the county since 2008 when we had to make a number of reductions. We have 200 less employees working here now than we did back then,” Winnebago County Administrator Steven Chapman said.

The Winnebago County Board will hear all of these options int eh next few weeks. They’ll have to vote by September 30th.

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