UPDATE: Police Standoff Suspect Gets 4 Years

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The man responsible for a five hour stand off inside the Public Safety Building last year will be heading to prison.

Lilrobert Adams was sentenced Thursday to four years. You may recall back on January 18, 2013 the swat team, bomb squad and negotiators were called after Adams claimed he had a gun and would use it.

Adams was already in custody after a domestic dispute and while in handcuffs he somehow managed to rotate his arms so much, that his hands actually were in front of his body. That's why police thought he may be able to use a weapon, it turns out he didn't have one and no one was hurt.

UPDATE: There was a scary situation at the Public Safety Building in Rockford this morning. A SWAT team, bomb squad and negotiators were called to stop a man who claimed he had a gun and wanted to hurt police.

Strangely enough, the suspect was already in custody.

The suspect in custody was also handcuffed, in the back of a police van, however he managed to rotate his arms so much, that his hands actually came to the front of his body. That's why police thought he may be able to use a weapon, if he had one.

It took emergency responders nearly five hours to determine that 20-year-old, Lilrobert Adams did not have a gun. They took the threat very seriously. Adams was arrested this morning after a domestic dispute. Officers were on their way to the public safety building when they say the suspect claimed he had the weapon and was going to come out of the van firing at police. Officers took him to the basement of the public safety building to calm things down.

“At no time was this individual in the basement of the PSB. He was secure and contained. and we had a great resolution by the Rockford Police Department,” said Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson.

Police say they had control of the situation at all times.

UPDATE: Rockford Police have given the all-clear at the Public Safety Building.

The suspect who claimed to have a gun inside a squad car has been detained after nearly six hours.

No one was injured. We'll have more tonight on the 23 News at 5.

From Rockford Police:
At approximately 1120 AM the subject who had barricaded himself in a Rockford Police Squadrol in the Public Safety Building basement was taken into custody without incident.

A brief press briefing will be held in the PSB Lobby in a few minutes for assembled media. A formal press release will be made later this afternoon with further details.

ROCKFORD (RPD PRESS RELEASE) -- Shortly after 6:00 AM this morning, Friday, January 18, 2013 Rockford Police Officers arrested a 20 year old man. The man was placed in a Rockford Police Squadrol and
was being transported to the Criminal Justice Center.

During the transport the man informed the transporting officers that he had a handgun and meant to do the officers harm. The officers drove the Squadrol to the Public Safety Building Basement and
began speaking with the man.

Rockford Police negotiators were activated and have been engaged in a dialogue with the man since the incident began.

The man is secured in the Squadrol and poses no harm to the public.
The Rockford Police Department is working with the Winnebago County Courthouse Security and the Public Safety Building and Courthouse are open for business.

We'll have more information as it becomes available. We do have a crew on the way to the scene.

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