Winn. Co. Watches Sex Offenders on Halloween

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Winnebago County Sheriff's Deputies were out in full force tonight making sure registered sex offenders were keeping away from our kids.

By law, sex offenders aren't allowed to take part in Halloween festivities, and deputies were making sure no one was breaking that law.

Deputies say sex offenders can't hand out candy, or even dress up in costume outside on their property. Winnebago County stopped by the home of nearly 50 registered sex offenders throughout the county where there would likely be a large number of trick or treaters.

Collectively as a department," said Winn. Co. Deputy Shawn Ryall, "[we] and the other outlying departments are doing [are] bit to make sure the kids in their communities are safe."

Deputy Ryall stop at several homes tonight and had to make no arrests. He says sex offenders usually walk a tighter line on Halloween night since they know police are out patrolling more heavily.

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