UPDATE: Wing Ding Organizers Release Statement

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UPDATE: Wing Ding organizers have released a statement following its approval from the Loves Park City Council.

You can read the statement by clicking on the attached document.

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- It's been more than half a decade since a major music festival was able to operate under the name "Wing Ding" and tonight we learned the event is returning to Loves Park.

Aldermen say they approved Wing Ding because of a new safety plan involving the Love's Park Police Department. There will also be fewer people allowed inside the venue.

17,000 festival goers will be let inside the Rockford Speedway gates this May. That totals 3,000 fewer people than the Wing Ding had before it shut down in 2008 because of rowdy crowds and other issues. Under the new plan police will be dispersed throughout the event. There will be more officers guarding some of the more popular bands. Leaders with the department say they won't have any issues removing people from the venue this year if they're acting inappropriately.

"We'll meet with the Speedway periodically up until the events time. We'll also do our own intelligence search, use social media, that type of thing to figure out if certain things may happen at the event," said Deputy Chief Rodney Scott.

Loves Park council says the band will be using fewer swear words this year as a way to keep the venue safer and as a courtesy for surrounding neighborhoods.

The concert will take place May 25th of this year.

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