Wildlife Predators are Being Spotted in Our Neighborhoods

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OREGON (WIFR) -- We see squirrels in our backyards all the time, but imagine spotting a much larger animal, like a bear. Larger predators like bears, wolves, coyotes and cougars are being seen outside of their natural habitat and into our own neighborhoods.

A bear in your backyard could be a sight you may see says environmental expert Peggy Doty. Doty says wildlife is being forced to survive outside of their natural habitat. These canines still need shelter, food and water. Doty says our own backyards are providing those resources. She says rabbits and small mice are what they're after, not humans. Doty says if we are faced with a larger predator, to simply leave it alone. She says they are wild animals and are unpredictable.

"They're territory-less. So they're coming down, coming over on these treks trying to find a home. I would say they're teenagers. They're teenagers who have run away," according to wildlife expert Peggy Doty.

Doty says to make sure you don't leave your pets outside unattended. She says coyotes or other wildlife will see them as prey or even a threat, and attack them.

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