Wildlife Concerns in the Stateline

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- On Facebook, many of you shared your concerns about more wildlife in the Rockford area.

Some Stateliners seem to have some new four-legged neighbors. People from areas like Loves Park and even South Beloit say coyotes and deer have taken over their backyards. However, officials at the Winnebago County Forest Preserve say the wildlife population isn't growing.

Several Loves Park homeowners say they worry about coyotes in their neighborhood because small dogs and children often play outside. Mike Groves of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve says animals have been in the area for years, but coyotes aren't growing in numbers.

He says there are different reasons why the animals are on the move. Winnebago County Forest Preserve also says it's hard to track the coyote population, but officials say they haven't noticed any increase in the species along the coyote food chain. Forest Preserve officials say coyote hunting season started this month, which could contribute to the animals showing up in more urban areas.

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