Whitehead Realtors Closing its Doors

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- After providing real estate in the Rockford area for more than a hundred years, Whitehead Realtors is closing its doors.

Whitehead was the longest running broker in the Rockford market, serving both commercial and residential properties. More than 40 real estate agents will have to find new offices.

CEO of Rockford Area Realtors Steve Bois says residents will have a new broker, but their agent shouldn't change. He says most agents shouldn't have a problem finding a new firm.

"The marketplace will be able to absorb the listings that they had. And I can tell you a lot of their agents have received a lot of calls from brokers wanting them to come and work for them," said Bois.

Bois says Whitehead doesn't have an exact closing date. He says they hope to phase out their business by the end of November.

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