What's Next for Paul Ryan?

WISCONSIN (WIFR) -- After Senator John McCain lost the 2008 presidential race, much of the Republican spotlight landed on his vice-presidential pick, Sarah Palin. Now observers are wondering if the same thing will happen to Mitt Romney's running mate.

"I think democrats and republicans will look to him as a voice, and maybe even the most powerful voice for congressional republicans,” said Craig Gilber with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Janesville native Paul Ryan is certainly on the short list for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2016. Ryan will continue as Chairman of the House Budget Committee and his prominence and power will only grow. However, the presidential campaign did have some political downsides for Ryan. Some on the right felt Romney’s advisors often straitjacketed his conservatism and the limits of his political power were laid bare when the republican ticket lost Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin by a surprising seven points.

"He's had adversity in life and he knows how to handle it and recover from it and I don't have any doubt that that's exactly what will happen here. He’ll go on and be every bit as successful and more successful than he's been in the past,” said George Steil, a Janesville Attorney.

There have been some suggestions that Ryan’s wife and three young children could discourage him from another run.

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