UPDATE: LA Ports Reopen After Crippling Strike

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Work is resuming at the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors after settlement of a strike that crippled the nation's busiest container port complex for more than a week.

Los Angeles port spokesman Phillip Sanfield says gates at 10 closed terminals reopened Wednesday morning. Dockworkers will soon begin servicing at least 13 cargo ships that were stuck at the docks or at anchor.

Clerical workers who claimed shippers are outsourcing their jobs walked out last week and union dockworkers refused to cross their picket lines.

A tentative agreement to end the strike was reached late Tuesday after federal mediators arrived.

The union says it won new protections against outsourcing but details haven't been released.

LOS ANGELES (CBS NEWS) -- The strike at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is now in its eighth day. A handful of protesters continue to camp out just outside the port facilities in San Pedro. The economic losses are adding up to several billion dollars during the busy pre-holiday shipping season. Bigad Shaban has the latest from Los Angeles.

LA mayor in talks to end 8-day port strike

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The mayor of Los Angeles has joined talks aimed at ending an 8-day strike that's paralyzed the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Union spokesman Craig Merrilees says Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa flew back to the U.S. from a South American trip and joined contract talks at midnight. The talks have continued right through into Tuesday morning.

Merrilees says the mayor's efforts have helped bring both sides closer together but there's still much work to do before a settlement might be reached.

Meanwhile, union clerical workers continue to strike 10 terminals at the nation's busiest port complex and dockworkers won't cross picket lines.

Cargo worth hundreds of millions of dollars is not moving through the ports each day.