Wanted Man Known As "Kool Aid" Arrested in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – 21-year-old Lamarcus Bassett is finally in custody after police have been looking for him for weeks.

“Lamarcus popped up on our radar about six weeks ago. He became active in crimes that we believe he was connected with throughout the city,” said Deputy Chief Dave Hopkins with Rockford Police.

Investigators tell us Bassett was already a person of interest for several shootings when last week he allegedly went on a violent spree. In the 4100 block of Auburn, police say Basset and a partner held a victim at gunpoint before robbing the person. Just two days later, a man was shot in the 800 block of Royal Avenue, the victim of a drive-by. Police believe Bassett was the gunman.

He’s also charged with committing domestic battery at Rockford Housing Authority’s Fairgrounds complex.

"The city is a safer place. These people it appears have little regard for the safety of no only themselves, but others.”

Police say Bassett was arrested after being found in a home on the 700 block of Cunningham but only after several people called in tips of his location.

It’s that community help police say allowed them to finally catch the man who has already spent time in prison as a convicted felon. Bassett accepted a plea deal after admitting to killing two others at a Halloween party in 2009.

Deputy Chief Hopkins wouldn’t go as far as to call Bassett a gang member, but the family of the Royal Avenue shooting victim says Bassett is which is why they declined to go on camera with us tonight in fear of retaliation.

Police believe Bassett has been involved in shootouts, so they’re also looking to charge him with those once they can prove his involvement, find the people shooting with him and then find the people who were shooting at him.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The man known as Kool Aid, who was on the run from Rockford Police for weeks, has been arrested.

Investigators say Lamarcus Bassett, 21, was taken into custody around 6:35pm Sunday at a home in the 700 block of Cunningham.

Bassett was wanted on several warrants. Police believe he was behind a drive-by shooting and armed robbery last week, in addition to several other shootings over the last two months.