Voter Registration Day

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- In Illinois, there are just two weeks left to register to vote. Dozens of high school kids crowded into the Pecatonica High School Cafetaria to register to vote. In the crowd was one unlikely voter, who'd never cast a ballot before: 65-year-old Carl Baney.

"I guess I just figured it wasn't that important. But now as I get older I realize that I should have been voting all along,” said Carl Baney.

Unlike Carl, for most in this room, it's their first time being eligible to vote.

"This decides the next four years of the life that you'll live. So, I want to make the right choice," said first time voter Eric Morgensen.

Representatives from the League of Women voters set up a booth at the high school to make it easier for voters to express their constitutional right.

“The League of Women Voters has for 90 years been pioneer in getting people out to vote. It is extremely important that we make every vote count,” says Susan Jeffries.

Local political parties say they've been reaching out to the community to register before it's too late.

"Well, we're mobilizing our people to register to vote when it comes to our core constituencies. Mostly, labor unions, and in precincts where there tends to be more democratic voters. We have in the past gone door to door," said Charlie Laskonis, the Democratic Party Chairman for Winnebago County.

"We have encouraged them individually to go out to various areas of the community, whether it's to restaurants, schools, or churches, or whatever, to go ahead and be available in the event that we have any people that haven't registered,” said Winnebago Republican Chairman Jim Thompson.

The League of Women voters will have another booth set up this weekend at Logli on Charles Street.

Once you're registered you can actually cast your ballot starting on Thursday in the city of Rockford. Just head to the election office on 6th street from 9 to 5 on weekdays or 9 to noon on Saturday with a picture ID.

If you do miss the October 9th deadline, there is a grace period. From October 10th through November 3rd you can register to vote at the county clerk's office, but must also cast your ballot that same day.

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