Vote on Illinois Weapons Ban Delayed

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- Guns are flying off the shelves at local stores, as people brace for a possible ban on semi-automatic assault weapons in Illinois.

State senator Dave Syverson says the bills aren't going anywhere until at least February. State representative Jim Sacia says they just didn't have the votes.

The Senate could have voted on the bills today. One bans semi-automatic weapons and the other bans the sale of large capacity ammunition magazines. Today the phones were ringing off the hook at Kapguns in Loves Park and the shelves were nearly empty. If the ban is passed and you already own a semi-automatic assault weapon you'll be able to keep it as long as you register it and pay a $10-$15 fee to the state police. However, gun advocates still think the proposed ban is too broad.

"The problem comes in when you have people who don't know anything about something making decisions, so they're pretty much covering all handguns, with the exception of revolvers with their detachable magazine thing and pretty much all sporting rifles,” said Kapguns Owner, Kenny Polhamus.

Another part of the proposed laws would force gun range owners to buy a license, but there's no clue as to how much that would cost. If you want to go shoot a gun at a range you'd have to have a FOID card first. The owner of Kapguns says he'd probably take his business to another state to avoid the hassle.

As they're written now, the new laws wouldn’t go into effect until January 1st 2014. I should also point out the ban wouldn't apply to law enforcement, members of the military, guns used in the Olympics or guns used to hunt under the Illinois wildlife code.

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