UPDATE: Aldermen Approve Pay Raise for Rockford Mayor

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For the first time in nearly a decade Rockford's mayor is getting a raise. Aldermen voted Monday night to increase the mayor's salary by 25% to $118,000, that takes effect in May 2013. So that doesn't impact Mayor Larry Morrissey's current term. Aldermen did not approve a three percent salary increase for themselves, they also have not approved a budget for next year.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford aldermen must decide by Monday whether to give the mayor's position a 25% raise over the next couple of years.

Right now, the salary for the mayor is $95,000 a year, the same amount it was back in 2003. Aldermen could vote to increase that to $118,750 starting in May 2013, with smaller increases in the following years. Elected officials can't change their pay in the middle of a term so this raise would be for whoever wins the mayoral election in April 2013.

“Just like any organization, if we expect to have and encourage people to run for office, to have effective leadership we need to make sure we're paying something commiserate with the responsibilities of the job,” says Rockford’s current mayor, Larry Morrissey.

Aldermen will also vote Monday on a three percent salary increase for the city council. Those raises aren't for the current aldermen; they're for whoever wins in April 2013.

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