Volunteers Helping to Clean Up Local Neighborhoods

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – In hopes of deterring crime, hundreds of volunteers are cleaning up areas of Rockford. Sharefest has already started taking over our downtown streets and there’s another group looking to clean up the city one neighborhood at a time.

“My neighborhood needs some help.”

Joann Trammell wants to make her west side community look beautiful again.

She says she hopes it’ll deter criminals from some of the condemned homes next to hers on Blaisdell.

“I just got tired of it, I got tired of sitting on my porch and looking at everything that was just not looking like it should’ve been,” says Trammell.

From painting and even trimming trees, hundreds of volunteers are cleaning up the Ellis Heights Neighborhood and it’s all for free.

“It’s inspiring because it shows a heart that willing to serve, that’s willing to serve a neighbor , even someone that you don’t know,” said organizer Paster Jared Katke.

It’s part of Project 1013. There are about 30 different groups of both out of state volunteers and people who live in the community. These groups are providing house maintenance and yard work from Avon to Central Avenue.

“Make the neighborhood really look like something and make us feel good about our area.”

“It provides hope to the residents it provides hope for our city.”

It’s that hope that Trammell says will encourage others to get involved in improving their neighborhood.

“We need it over here on this side of town. Take one street at a time and make our community beautiful.”

Organizers say they hope to expand Project 1013 next year and would like to do it more often than just one week in the summer and clean up other neighborhoods.

Project 1013 will complete their cleanup on Saturday. As for Sharefest, that group is still looking for more volunteers. Their projects both downtown and at Roosevelt Community Education Center are expected to wrap up this weekend.

If you’d like to volunteer with Project 1013, contact the Rock Church at 815-988-3969 or email Pastor Katke at Project1013rockford@gmail.com.

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