New Violent Crime Task Force in Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Some of the most dangerous people in the Rockford area are now being tracked down by some of the best law enforcement officials from all over the Stateline. There is now a new collaboration of law enforcement called the violent crime task force.
The task force was formed over the summer and leaders say already some of the most violent people causing trouble on our streets are now behind bars and we can expect more of the same results over the coming months.

“It’s really going to take the best we have to fight the worst we’re seeing out on the street and I think that’s going to be a recipe for success with this task force,” said ISP captain Jim Winters.

Since September, six gang members are now behind bars thanks to the work of the task force. It’s made up of Rockford and Loves Park Police, the Sheriff’s Department, the State’s Attorney’s Office, State Police, and the Department of Corrections.

This task force is different from any other collaboration between departments because as we just heard Captain Winters say, it pairs the best investigators from all departments to come together to catch the top 20 most dangerous people on our streets.

“We’re going to be working on those criminals who have been out of prison and that are back here selling and robbing people and doing things illegally. We’re going to work with them on the investigative side to come after you and put you in jail, hopefully in prison for a long time and on the street level when there’s shots fired, when there’s things happening in pockets of the city we have the street level enforcement.”

This has been a work in progress for a long time. The coordinated efforts started in 2011, then last spring Senator Durbin and Representative Bustos came to town to help law enforcement agencies come up with this task force. The daily operations actually started in July, but the formal written agreement was just signed.

We’ll have the chance to check in on the progress of the task force. It will hold quarterly meetings that are open to the public starting in January.

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