UPDATE: Power Restored to the Village of Kirkland

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UPDATE: Folks are finally able to put the heat on in their homes after a nearly five hour power shortage in Kirkland on a day featuring subzero temperatures.

ComEd says Kirkland suffered two power outages today, one in the early morning, and one that started in the afternoon and lasted until the evening Monday night after powerful wind forced power lines near the town to constantly touch each other, leaving nearly a thousand residents and business owners in the dark and with out heat.

The only sources of heat were in homes with back up generators, cars warming up in their driveways, and the Kirkland Fire Station which served as a warming center as the sun went down. Fire Chief Chad Connell says his Station was being powered by natural gas generators.

Chief Connell says his station was giving shelter to about 20 people by the end of the night as police were driving through the darkness telling the folks they saw sitting in running cars to head on over to the fire station for heat.

By 7:50pm power was restored.

UPDATE: As of 8:00 pm all power has been restored.

Kirkland (WIFR)-- Right now more than one thousand people are without power in Kirkland after we're told the wind caused some power lines to touch. Power is expected to be restored by 9:00pm.

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