Vietnam Veteran Memorial Planned

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One local group hopes to honor the hundreds of thousands of Vietnam veterans who are slowly dying due to the effects of a deadly herbicide used during wartime.

The Vietnam Veteran's Honor Society today announced plans to build two new memorials in honor of Vietnam veterans nearby the Vietnam LZ Peace Memorial.

One monument will be dedicated to those affected by Agent Orange, and the other to all who served during the Vietnam era. Agent Orange has been found to contribute to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's in Vietnam veterans.

"We're losing so many veterans to Agent Orange, and it's a tragedy," said Nick Parnello, president of Vietnam Veteran's Honor Society. "You know we say a lot of Vietnam veterans died in Vietnam and just didn't know about it. So we felt it was necessary to honor those veterans that are dying. So we're hoping to get that built by Memorial Day of next year."

The Vietnam Veteran's Honor Society is currently accepting donations for the $30 thousand project.

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