UPDATE: Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out

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UPDATE: A 21-year-old Freeport man who had two young daughters, was gunned down Sunday morning in the parking lot of the Westport Village apartments.

"I heard gunshots. Boom, boom, boom, pow and I ran straight to the door. When I got out there my baby was already laying in blood, catching his last breath, he took his last breath when I was laying right there," said Veronica Piggue.

Veronica Piggue says she never thought the gunshots her son rapped about would claim his life. Someone fired 12 rounds at her son Deandre Sunday morning. He was on his way home to his mother's house to take care of his little brother.

“He would always watch him while I worked, first, second, or third shift, he was always there,” Piggue said.

21-year-old Deandre and his cousin didn't even it make it out of their car before police say they were ambushed.

"I know someone had to see. There was a lot of gunfire. whether they talk or not, I don't know,” said Connie Jocelyn, Piggue’s aunt.

Police say they found shell casings at the scene and think there was only one shooter, but whomever it was got away.

"We need the community to give us information that's why so many crimes in Freeport goes unsolved, because we need information.”

"To see my son die and get shot in front of me was enough for me to know that something's gotta be done,” said Piggue.

Police don't know if Deandre was the intended target and they say it's too early in the investigation to call it gang related.

Police say they interviewed dozens of people today about the shooting, but they're afraid nearly everyone was asleep when the shots were fired.

Only one bullet hit Deandre..his cousin wasn't injured, but other bullets hit nearby apartments and trees.

UPDATE: Police have identified the victim as 21-year-old Deandre Piggue.

Piggue was fatally shot outside an apartment complex on Stephenson Circle, just after 2:00 Sunday morning. Police are calling the attack an ambush. Twelve rounds were fired at Piggue and his friend as they were getting out of a car around 2:00 a.m.

Investigators say they are talking to some people of interest in the murder, but still have no idea if the victim was the intended target. They believe Piggue was shot and killed by one person.

This is the second murder of the year for Freeport.

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Freeport Police are investigating a murder on the city's west-side after a man is gunned down early Sunday morning.

Details in the case are limited. Detectives say the victim was fatally shot outside an apartment complex on Stephenson circle off of west Stephenson Street. It happened just after 2am on Sunday. Investigators say they need to interview more witnesses before the victim's identity is released. Neighbors who know the victim say they are devastated.
This is the city's second murder of the year.

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