Veterans React to VA Scandal

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Despite the VA scandal, some veterans say they’re happy with the care they’ve received in Rockford.

World War II veteran Bob Paulsen and Korean War veteran Jack Henny say they receive care in a timely manner at the local VA clinic and even in Madison. Despite the VA scandal, a few veterans say Secretary Shinseki shouldn’t be the only one to blame.

Paulson says he hasn’t had issues at the VA clinic in Rockford, however he says he hopes something can be done to make sure veterans get the care they need sooner.

“If you miss an appointment like in June, you don’t get another one until maybe two months. I don’t know if they keep you ahead of the ones that are behind you,” says Paulson.

“One person isn’t to blame for the world falling apart. I’m sure he tried to surround himself with people he could trust, people he could have confidence in, and it all just fell apart. ” said Henny.

Rockford’s VA clinic is one of 30 in Illinois. There are also clinics locally in Freeport and Sterling.

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