Veterans Monument Dedicated in Byron

BYRON (WIFR) -- Hundreds gather in a Byron cemetery Saturday morning to honor one hometown hero who lost his life fighting for our country.

A monument in the Byron cemetery was dedicated to Lance Corporal Alec Catherwood in a ceremony attended by more than two hundred people. Catherwood was killed in action in Afghanistan two years ago. The memorial is a collaborative effort by the city and high school to honor Catherwood and all those who lost their lives serving in the

“We hope people remember Alec, as well as all veterans, as somebody who felt they did what they had to do for the country they believed in and loved,” says Alec’s mother Gretchen Catherwood.
“And nobody could have talked Alec out of joining, and nobody tried. And I wouldn't do it now.”

“We wanted a way as a community to say thank you back to them. You know, we don't want to wait too long, and keep reminiscing the grieving process for them, but the timing was perfect. They haven't moved on and we didn't want to make them think they were forgotten,” says Jerry Oleson who organized the dedication ceremony.

The monument was designed by the Byron High School landscape class, and funded by many donors.