Veterans Group Donates Flags to School

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's something many of us take for granted, but now students at a Stateline school will get the chance to honor the flag every morning while saying the pledge.

The Rockford Vietnam Veterans of America presented West Middle School with dozens of American flags to fill each and every classroom and office in the building. Part of West Middle School's first annual day of patriotism, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 984 presented students with 48 flags to be hung up around the school. When the school reached out to chapter president John Sommer, he said he didn't even know schools still said the pledge every morning and giving the flags was something his group felt obligated to do.

"I guess I'd thought that those days were gone. You know, but they're not…and West Middle School is just a great example of what should be done everywhere,” said John Sommer, Chapter President.

West High School and Middle School is home to over 200 students that gave their lives fighting for the country. This first annual ceremony honored them and all other veterans. As part of the ceremony, Alderman Frank Beach presented the school with a proclamation saying November 9th will be a day of patriotism at West Middle School from now on.

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