Vendors Hopeful for Indoor Market

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Three months after packing up their goods for the final city market, vendors unpacked their merchandise once again for the Rockford Winter Market.

It's not quite the same atmosphere as North Water Street, but it's still a great chance for vendors to meet new costumers.

"People want to get out during the winter, do fun things, and visit other locations," said owner of Lily the Bird, Hannah Randall. "I think this is a great way for people to stay inside, stay warm and still see what other people are making, baking and crafting."

With more than 75,000 people filling into city market and another 40,000 attending Stroll on State, merchants believe there's enough local support to keep the market going year round.

"I think the city would love that too," said Kate Sullivan, owner of Kate's Pie Shop. "I would love it. I think a lot of us vendors would like it. Even though a lot of us already have shops now, I would totally still do an indoor market"

This may be the last year for the winter market.

The city is still in the planning stages, but they currently have a building on Madison Street as a possible site for the indoor market.

They're studying the building to see what types of upgrades or renovations would be needed.

"As the city is working towards getting a permanent market in an inside venue, we support that wholeheartedly and we can't wait until that happens," said owner of KokoBear Bakery Mike Kelly.

Although today's crowds weren't as big as the ones we see in the summer, shoppers share a similar sentiment: they want more of the market.

The outdoor version of the city market is expected to open back up on May 30th with the indoor market possibly opening in the fall.

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