Vehicle Seizures Rise in Loves Park

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- A Loves Park business gets a boost as police arrest more drivers but all those vehicle seizures are also giving A to Z Towing a parking headache.

"It's a hindrance on us as far as having to move vehicles around,” A to Z Towing President Bill Wishard, Jr., said.

The lot at A to Z Towing is packed and the influx of vehicles is causing some parking headaches for workers at A to Z.Towing

"We're constantly moving them around, getting a car out that someone wants to pick up or redeem... we're constantly shuffling cars around," Wishard said.

42 of the cars in the A to Z Towing lot were seized by the Loves Park Police Department during either serious accidents or traffic stops involving drugs or alcohol. A to Z gets three to five a month from police, officers say that's a little more than normal, but see it as an important step in cutting down on crime.

"It’s seen as a deterrent, not let’s give the tool back to these people who are constantly being stopped," Deputy Chief Rodney Scott, said.

Wishard supports police efforts, but says the amount of time those seized vehicles sit on his lot is ridiculous. He's had a few there for two years. Wishard says it’s a backlog in the State's Attorney’s Office that's holding things up.

"I think that if we can get the State's Attorney’s Office to streamline the seizure process loves park will be able to get rid of these cars a little quicker,” Wishard said.

Wishard is part of the Towing Association and they're trying to get state laws changed so the towing companies can move those vehicles quicker.

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