Vegetables Stolen from Community Garden

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- What started out as a community project is now a loss of income for one local home owner after dozens of vegetables are stolen right out of her yard.

Jackie Gonzalez now compares her front porch to a jungle. That's because she was forced to move her plants onto her property after they were stolen from a community garden at Saint James Church on Prairie and First Streets. Gonzalez says the veggies were meant for for charity. She's been the primary caretaker of the garden and wants the thief to know that she's very angry.

"Shame on you... shame on you for stealing from people who need it more than you do," said Gonzalez. "I can't see you making a meal out of a couple immature zucchinis and a bunch of chilis. If you're hungry, come and knock on my door, I'll make you a meal. But please, don't steal from me."

Gonzalez says that this has just been one of many instances of vandalism and crime that have sprung up in her neighborhood.

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