Vacant Home Destroyed by Arsonist to Be Demolished

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A vacant home destroyed by an arsonist is finally scheduled for demolition by the city.

A property on North Avon Street on Rockford’s west side is a burnt pile of rubble and has been standing in that condition for nearly 10 months now. The building was burned down by Donald Richardson who is a man charged with not only burning that building but another vacant building down and stating fires at numerous dumpsters throughout the city in 2013.

Even though the building, according to the fire department, has been deemed a hazard, it’s technically not very close to some of the homes in the area which is why it wasn’t put on the fast track to be demolished.

We spoke with other city officials earlier today who say the house was not on the list of about 40 homes throughout the Rockford area that are set to be demolished but it is going to come down sometime next week.

Alderman Venita Hervey says the city just demolished another vacant home on Knowlton Street that was the scene of a fire where two homeless men died earlier this year.

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