Utility Tax Rebate Program Begins July 1st

MACHESNEY PARK -- The Village of Machesney Park has announced that the Utility Tax Rebate program for eligible residents begins today, July 1, 2013.

The Utility Tax Rebate program offers a maximum rebate of $150.00 annually per household on the municipal electric tax and municipal gas use tax. Residents can apply for the basic low documentation rebate, which they only need to submit one electric bill and one gas bill showing the tax was applied to their account, and they can receive up to $50 annually ($25 for electric and $25 for gas). If a resident would like to be rebated the actual amount of taxes they have paid, they will need to submit copies of each monthly bill, for both electric and gas, and the Village will rebate up to $150 of the actual taxes paid.

Bills can be submitted either on a quarterly or annual basis for reimbursement. The individual must have been a resident of the Village of Machesney Park, paid the utility taxes, and be in a low-income household. Low-income thresholds are dependent upon the number in the household: one person would need to have less than $30,000 in adjusted gross income (AGI) to apply for the rebate; two people would need to have less than $35,000; three people less than $40,000; four people less than $45,000; five people less than $50,000; and six people less than $55,000 in AGI based on their last tax return.

The Utility Tax Rebate program was established this year as part of a revenue plan to boost public safety through increasing the number police officers, performing road improvements and maintenance, and spurring economic development through job growth. At least 55% of the revenue will be used towards roads.

Instructions and applications are available at Machesney Park Village Hall, 300 Roosevelt Road or by downloading the forms from the Village web site, here.

For more information, contact Gregory Anderson, Community Development Coordinator, Village of Machesney Park, (815) 877-5432.

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