Use of Video Gaming Machine Revenue in Loves Park

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STATELINE (WIFR) – It’s been nearly a year since local municipalities started raking in money from video gaming machines.

A chunk of the money that goes into video gaming machines goes to local governments. For Loves Park, that extra revenue is deposited into the general fund, but it doesn’t really seem like extra.

“Because we don’t levy a property tax, we have to look for every source of revenue to supplement our day to day operations.
Since the city got the machines nearly a year ago, gaming revenue has increased nearly every month.

Ed Broder doesn’t personally gamble, but he supports the additional income and believes municipalities should use it wisely.

“How about the homeless, how about the homeless vets, help people to get jobs, fix the roads,” Broder suggested.

Although Loves Park doesn’t have a specific use for the revenue many projects are directly connected to the general fund.

“Our help with the Woodward project, that’s going to create 1,500 new jobs, we spent a lot of money and a lot of time and a lot of effort to do that. So that’s where the job creation comes from.”

So far, Loves Park has seen nearly $200,000 in video gaming revenue.

Loves park currently has 98 machines and 21 licenses, but Mayor Lindberg says there are about five or six more licenses waiting to be approved.

The City of Rockford is using its gaming revenue to pay off capital equipment like snow plows, fire engines, police cars, and ambulances.

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