UPDATE: Robert Lower Denied Parole

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UPDATE: Robert Lower, the man convicted of killing Joey Didier in the 1970's, has been denied parole again.

Lower was seeking to be released on parole and the review board denied his request.

The board also ruled Lower cannot apply for parole for another the maximum of 5 years.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Four convicted murderers are facing parole hearings that could put them back on our streets. However, Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato is putting out a plea to the public to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Bruscato is asking us to sign petitions and send letters to his office and to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board as ammunition in the fight to keep all four men behind bars.

Robert Lower, Curtis Brownell, Calvin Madison, and Simon Peter Nelson are all convicted murderers from the 70’s and each face the prisoner review board this year but Bruscato says each man deserves to stay locked up for good. That’s why he’s going to fight to keep these men in prison for the rest of their lives if he can.

“It is my firm belief that making sure that these four individuals, Brownell, Lower, Madison, and Nelson, stay in prison to protect our communities and other communities across the state.”
Bruscato says he will ask the review board to deny parole and set back each prisoner’s next parole hearing for five years so victims’ families don’t have to relive the horrors of what happened to their loved ones so often.

Lower’s parole hearing is this Thursday Madison and Brownell’s are next month and Nelson’s will be sometime this summer or early fall. Each man has been denied parole multiple times.

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