Union Dairy 100th Anniversary Celebration

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- The Union Dairy in Freeport is hosting a 100th Anniversary Celebration with a variety of events Friday through Sunday.

The schedule includes carriage tours of the city, a car show and a presidential press conference featuring Abraham Lincoln and of course, plenty of ice cream.

Owner Jodi Miller says that it's the perfect place for people to rekindle their best memories.

"If you think about Freeport, Union Dairy is just something that automatically comes up because it's part of peoples' memories. It's the feel good that people want to come back here and enjoy the things that they remember back in the day so that they can grab a little bit of that feel good that people are always looking for," Miller said

Union Dairy will also be giving away free ice cream for the remainder of 2014 to one lucky person.

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